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Doddington Short Mat Bowls Club


How do I join the club as a new member?

Potential new members can come along to our weekly session as a guest for two weeks and then a membership application form must be completed for approval by the management committee.  Applicants will be notified of the committees decision after their next meeting.

Can I join the club if I do not live in Doddington?

At this present time the membership is NOT restricted to only Doddington residents however should any applicant live a long distance from the club and be in the catchment area of another club, then the application maybe declined depending on the current membership of the club.

As a member would I be covered under the clubs insurance policy?

All members are affiliated with the Short Mat Bowls governing body (ESMBA) and the club insures through the ESMBA's Insurance Scheme.  Allianz Insurance are the clubs liability insurer and therefore all members are covered under this policy.

What do I need to play the sport?

The only item required is a pair of flat soled shoes during the first few weeks learning the game.  The club has spare sets of bowls for members to use if required.  Eventually members are required to purchase regulation bowling shoes and it would be beneficial to own a set of bowls and measuring equipment etc. for games played outside of the club.